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LTX-Credence Stiffener & Accessories

Stiffener & test fixtures built according to OEM specification to reduce cost.

LTX-Credence LT1101 Stiffener

P/N: ST-130054-ST

LTX-Credence LT1101/W1101 DUO Stiffener

P/N: ST-130055-ST

LTX-Credence LT1001 Stiffener

P/N: ST-130070-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion MX RF Stiffener (With Drop-Down Bracket)

P/N: ST-130062-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion MX RF Drop-Down Bracket

P/N: ST-130063-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion MX Probe Card Stiffener

P/N: ST-130064-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion MX Probe Card Stiffener (RF)

P/N: ST-130065-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion 12" Probe Card Stiffener

P/N: ST-130066-ST

LTX-Credence Fusion 12" FT Stiffener

P/N: ST-130067-ST

LTX-Credence D10 Loadboard Stiffener

P/N: ST-130068-ST

LTX-Credence D10/D-IMA Stiffener

P/N: ST-130069-ST

LTX-Credence D10 Stiffener LB DIMA X2 Module 0 & Module 1

P/N: ST-130064-ST

LTX-Credence ASL3000 RF Stiffener

P/N: ST-130071-ST

LTX-Credence ASL3000 Probe Card Stiffener

P/N: ST-130072-ST

LTX-Credence NP Test Sapphire Stiffener

P/N: ST-130075-ST


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