Advantest/Verigy Stiffener & Accessories

Stiffener & test fixtures built according to OEM specification to reduce cost.

Advantest/V93K Large Full Size Stiffener

P/N: ST-130001

Advantest/V93K Full Size 12″ WPI Stiffener

P/N: ST-130002-ST

Advantest/V93K SOC WAFER PROBE 9.5″ LARGE Stiffener

P/N: ST-13003-ST

Advantest/V93K Large Full Size With Extension Stiffener

P/N: ST-130004-ST

Advantest/V93K Direct Probe Universal Stiffener

P/N: ST-130071-ST

Advantest/V93K Direct Probe Non-RF Stiffener

P/N: ST-130072-ST

Advantest/V93K Direct Probe Stiffener with CONN Block

P/N: ST-130005-ST

Advantest/V93K 3/4 Stiffener

P/N: ST-130076-ST

Advantest/V93K Stiffener Assy 3/4 12″ WPI

P/N: ST-130007-ST

Advantest/V93K Small 512/1024 Half Size Stiffener

P/N: ST-130008-ST

Advantest/V93K SOC Wafer Probe Stiffener Small (E7018BA)-9.5″

P/N: ST-130010-ST

Advantest/V93K Stiffener Assy 12″ WPI Small (E7018HA)

P/N: ST-130009-ST

Advantest/V93K Stiffener Small 512/1024 With Extension

P/N: ST-130011-ST

Advantest T2000 Stiffener

P/N: ST-130015-ST

Advantest/V93K E7018DA 9.5″ Probe Card Stiffener

P/N: ST-130014-ST

Advantest/V93K E7018LA 12″ Probe Card Stiffener

P/N: ST-130013-ST

Advantest/V93K Inlay DD Stiffener with Port Scale (N2494A)

P/N: ST-130017-ST

Advantest/V93K Port Scale RF Adapter Plate & Inlay Kit

P/N: ST-130016-ST

Advantest/V93K SMP Connector Ring 10X RF-48 Pin Lacations

P/N: ST-130018-ST

Advantest/V93K – Anti POGO Universal Small Stiffener

P/N: ST-160007-ST

Advantest/V93K Inlay Stiffener E6980DD

P/N: E6980DD

Advantest/V93K Stiffener Assy Large E6980EA

P/N: ST-150001-ST